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Looking for Small Business E-commerce secrets?  Isn’t everyone looking for the magic bullet online.  You may find some here.  The biggest E-Commerce secret is just like everything else in life, success takes hard work. Started my first internet business in 1998, sold it in 2010, have lots of experience to share with you, 25+ years in Retail / Online Marketing, based in Golden, Colorado, USA…Read More

But, Before you click the back button, We Can Help!

Clearly, you are here looking for help in small business ecommerce and internet marketing, so here are OUR rules up front: Call or email for a free consultation, or just browse our site for help.

If we can help direct you with a simple conversation or email, we are happy to help direct a small business, either profit or non-profit, get started or help them expand.  Call or email us for help in small business ecommerce and online marketing, and see if we can point you in the right direction, no charge.  If you want / need more help, we work out a fee, Simple.

So, what do we do here?

We are dedicated to online marketing for Small Business and ecommerce, to help you build your online business.  To many, this appears to be a study in “Small Business E-Commerce Secrets”.  Why? Because many online business newbies, without doing a tremendous amount of research on their own, really struggle with how to succeed in Online Business.  It is no longer very easy to succeed with about 1 Billiion Websites worldwide, close 300 Million in WordPress alone! .  If you knew it all, you wouldn’t be here looking for help, right?  Just like I go researching every single day. How can we help you?  The articles and posts here are free small business marketing strategies, tips and info on online marketing.  We try to collect explanations and examples of what can work for you, and some that might not, all valuable.  We also comb the internet ourselves to keep up with what is salient in online business strategy.  We run 2 blogs ourselves and a Yahoo Stores.  If you require specific help with your Yahoo online store, be sure to read our Services Page.

  • Visit our Blog Pagedesigned to present information on the subjects of internet marketing strategy and WordPress sites, and pass it along to you, the small business entrepreneur.
  • This is a great place for newbies to learn a little about internet marketing their small business., check the internet marketing posts and article pages.
  • Unlike other internet marketing sites, we have done it from the driver’s seat, having built and sold a successful small business online that we started in 1998, built on a Yahoo Store platform.
  • We believe we can offer specific help on the Yahoo platform, not the easiest to get Google Rank for.  Read this Post for some quick tips on improving Yahoo store SEO.
  • We do our best to post on salient subjects and current info.  Have any suggestions, let us know, glad to look into a specific subject.
  • We do try and make a few dollars thru the affiliate links, check them out, you might find some of them useful.

Bookmark our site, and Sign Up for our Blog via email at right, and get marketing tips that will help you build your online business. Have a burning question on internet marketing:  Contact Us and  follow us on Twitter  or LinkedIn. We’re glad you stopped by, and we hope we can help you.  Feel free to contact us for more info, or leave reply to a post. If you live in the Denver Colorado area, we can provide a personal consultation, specific to Yahoo Store SEO or other internet marketing issues. We build and maintain WordPress Sites, if you need help contact us. Talk with us, we can help each other succeed, and no charge for a mentoring contact! Online Marketing for Small Business ECommerce,   We can be found anytime at PaulAmes.com, email small business ecommerce, Denver CO

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